Gena Cristiani

Cirque/ Acrobatic Costume Designer/ Performer

Gena Shvartsman Cristiani is a fifth generation Russian Circus Artist and renowned Juggling Champion. After years of drawing out designs for costumes and sketching artists she admired, she began creating her own works of art in several different mediums. Gena is inspired by the colorful world of circus and variété, and her costumes, drawings, and paintings exude an effervescent and whimsical quality that captures the mystique of the talented artists in her work. Gena has designed and created for customers in circus, ballroom dance, fitness, equestrian art, and  circus competitions world wide. Gena also continues to be an in-demand performer herself. She has won at the World Juggling Festival and achieved silver in competitions in Paris and Monte Carlo. She was a star attraction with The Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey, and has travelled the world performing in circuses, theaters, corporate shows, orchestras.