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Imagination was realized in 1996 originally as “Pacific Entertainment Productions,” a San Diego based company that continues to serve the events industry.

It was at this time that Sam Trego began to assemble a troupe of singers, dancers, street performers, acrobats and specialty performers that began travelling around California in a broken down 15 passenger van, playing at fairs, festivals, and events throughout Southern California.  The prevailing “try anything” spirit among the troupe allowed an innovative art form to emerge, with a genuinely fresh script and originality in its theatrical style.  We were very thankful for our bookings in these early days, and the “try anything” attitude sometimes meant “try fixing a broken clutch” at 12:00 am in the California desert on our way home after a performance.

The troupe, formally called Cirque Nouveau, as well as the ownership and branding of the company evolved in 1999 as Sam took this and other productions he was involved with to the national stage, where Imagination Entertainment and the lavish stage productions of “On Broadway” and “iL CiRCo” gained in popularity throughout the country. Performing at large scale corporate and incentive events at some of the most prestigious hotels, resorts and venues in the country, we may have dropped the broken down van going city to city for flying coach, but looking back, we had no idea of the turn of events that would soon lead the company to the successes and growth that came with the new millennium.

It was then that Imagination Entertainment was asked to develop a new show concept at the Olympics by Samsung Corporation out of Seoul, South Korea.  As a feature show during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the iL CiRCo troupe gained worldwide attention and was invited to perform for royalty, festivals, exclusive fundraising events, and corporate galas worldwide.  This caught the attention of Anheuser-Busch who asked Sam to design a version of the show performed in the water, which resulted in Cirque de la Mer at SeaWorld San Diego, which opened in 2001 and plays to this very day.

Since then, Cirque de la Mer, Viaggio – by iL CiRCo and the Broadway style reviews of Imagination Entertainment have played to over 10 million audience members world-wide, and “Viaggio – by iL CiRCo has evolved to become an internationally-touring sensation.

Imagination’s main goal to “inspire your audience” is 20 years new and our productions have left a trail of standing ovations spanning the globe, touring over 12 countries on three continents.

The firm continues to be based out of San Diego, with talent throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, and employs a full time staff of producers, sales, administrational, operations and creative people who support our touring productions, as well as constantly being called on to develop new creations for our corporate and public theater clientele.

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Corporate Entertainment —Imagination Entertainment

From cirque-style shows, sensational theatrical revues and business theater to headline entertainment, bands and everything in between, Imagination Entertainment has set the standard of excellence for entertainment in the special event industry since 1995. We are known for top notch quality, creativity and flexibility. Imagination Entertainment’s mission is to inspire your audience. Our award-winning team of staff and entertainers will integrate seamlessly with your business objectives.

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