Introducing… Champagne & Pearls Imagination Entertainment’s Newest Show

Trusted by Arizona-based AZA Events to develop a custom show from scratch for a corporate dinner with only a two-week turn-around, Imagination Entertainment went into super sonic production mode to get the 30-minute production put together, polished and ready for stage.  The result was a classy, yet fun, experience taking inspiration from classic Golden Age tap routines and the era of “anything goes.”  It was a memorable twist on attitudes that designed a decade.

Just as the Roaring Twenties ushered in a break with the past, so did Champagne & Pearls.  This was no ordinary speakeasy.  No, the guys and dolls here weren’t the gritty inhabitants of the city’s underworld, brandishing edgy language and tough ideals to a jazz-only soundtrack.  These were the socialites, the beautiful people, dancing and flirting the night away in the city’s most upscale club.

Glittering jewelry and elegant gold and ivory costumes mirrored the sumptuous art deco surroundings, setting the scene for a quality performance.  The visually stunning five-girl/five-guy cast performed a combination of rollicking dance sequences and live solo vocals to clever mash-ups of music ranging from remixes of 20s’ jazz to boisterous hip-hop numbers: Champagne & Pearls held something for everyone.

“This year one of our high-profile clients decided on a Great Gatsby/ 1920’s theme and Imagination Entertainment created a custom show in record time that truly wowed the client,” said Tosha Fullerton, program manager for AZA Events.  “A perfect blend of classic and modern, the show dazzled with custom costumes and the extraordinary talent you come to expect from Imagination Entertainment. You can always count on IE to deliver more than expected and leave guests wondering all year what they have in store for next year.”

Because Champagne & Pearls was such an engaging production that left audiences wanting more, Imagination Entertainment now offers options for extending the 30-minute performance.   Whether you include an internationally renowned contortionist performing her routine atop a classic claw-footed tub, or an aerial duo artfully swinging from a chandelier, your event will be sure to impress.