Video Report: iL CiRCo in Greece… Opa!!

Here at Imagination Entertainment, we are so fortunate to be able to travel throughout the world with our signature shows.  iL CiRCo is such a show and Greece is one of the wonderful countries we have been lucky enough to visit.  In December of 2012, our Executive Producer, Amy Gale, and our talented troupe of iL CiRCo artists traveled to the city of Thessaloniki to perform a series of shows at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.  The first two shows were for an audience of only children and the final shows were for all ages.  The vimeo clip we are sharing was just recently posted on YouTube by our very happy clients and we couldn’t be more pleased to show this to you.  Check out Amy’s interview! She is brilliant!

We love the video, love the show, and we look forward to more travels to Greece and beyond for our international clients and audiences!

“Performing for audiences of children was particularly gratifying,” says Executive Producer Amy Gale. “Their reactions are so genuine and fun. You can hear them gasp and ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Ahhh!’.  It is so sweet and so honest.  We loved Greece and would be thrilled to go back in a heartbeat!”

President Sam Trego says:  “Being able to bring our shows to audiences globally is truly one of the most rewarding things we experience.  Entertainment transcends cultural and political boundaries and brings us all closer to what we have in common.  We can share laughter and emotional connections that are the same for everyone, regardless of geographical boundaries.  We are citizens of the world and how lucky are we to be able to this? Very lucky indeed.”