Fairs, Festivals and Amusement Parks

Fairs, Festivals and Amusement Parks

Dotting every corner of the American landscape, fairs and festivals are the stuff memories are made of.

But what if you could make yours truly remarkable, forever etched alongside fond recollections of the usual suspects: funnel cakes, ferris wheels and pony rides?

Just ask ArtWalk San Diego, the Oregon State Fair – or the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Understanding the importance of crafting strong and lasting impressions, these prominent organizations enlisted the help of Imagination Entertainment to thrill and delight audiences with an encounter surpassing even the most demanding expectations.

We’ll transport your audience to whimsical lands with iL CiRCo’s “Viaggio” – a visual and emotional odyssey that will enchant the mind and dazzle the senses. Or add some unexpected fun with our “Thoroughly Modern Broadway” or “On Broadway” productions that feature vibrant costumes, intricate choreography and a profusion of lights that make the average ferris wheel pale in comparison.

Not to say that a great carnival barker and some giant stuffed animals isn’t an incredible time. In fact, a good majority of our ensemble were inspired by childhood memories of state fairs, local carnivals and art festivals. So we know where you’ve been. But we also know where you could go. In fact, we’ll create a destination sure to stir the imagination and get people talking. Not only will they clamor for more, but they’ll leave asking…”I wonder what they’ll do next year!”