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Got Water? We Have Entertainment.

Oh, the pool, the fountain, the water feature:  that shimmering expanse of useless event space that is the bane of event planners everywhere.  Sure, everyone likes an outdoor event by the pool, but you can only stare at floating candles and florals for so long – then it’s just a bunch of people shuffling by, drinks in-hand, backs to the water.  Yawn.  And if you think covering the concrete pond with a dance floor is the way to put this watery patch of real estate to work, the price tag alone just might make your project head straight to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Take off your water wings – Imagination Entertainment is ready to EVOLVE your waterside event!

Whether your particular body of water is only big enough to be home to a handful of inflatables or large enough to host the Spanish Armada, we have a program that will turn your dead sea space into the main attraction.

For a simple, yet elegant, option for pools and fountains, contortionist-filled spheres amaze as they flex and undulate across the water’s surface.  Be engaged by synchronized swimmers choreographed to music or enthralled by water-based circus acts as they showcase their antics throughout the evening.  Take to the air above with aerial rings and aerial silks as the lithe performers demonstrate the phenomenal focus and control the rest of us only dream about.   Set the tone even further with theatrical lighting and clever choreography that make your event one-of-a-kind.

If you envision your water-based event a little more “shining sea” than an Olympic-sized pool, we have grand ideas for you, too.  Our award-winning show Cirque de la Mer has been running at Sea World® for 14 years, and we’ve got pools full of dazzling theatrics from this show full of mysterious, glistening acrobatic sea creatures and characters.  Or bring fantasy to life with a floating island made resplendent with mermaids, mermen and mythical sea creatures under the sea.  If you can dream it, we can create it.  Chances are, we’ve got it in our warehouse of undersea gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.  In short, we make water a fun part of your event world.