Good News on the Corporate Retreat Front

Good News on the Corporate Retreat Front

We are working with a truly amazing Retreat Facilitator
you have to meet.

We have long helped our clients with Teambuilding Activities and Events that have enhanced their corporate meetings for any purpose, but we recently had such an amazing experience ourselves that we are happy to share!

Sam Trego: “We had scheduled our very own retreat late last year. Imagination Entertainment has grown so much that I felt it was time to review our organization and set goals for the coming year and make us the best team we can be. We hired a facilitator and she is so wonderful to work with that we want you all to know about her! Lorraine Aguilar made our retreat really fun and extremely effective! It’s been almost two months and we have truly achieved positive change and growth as a work family. As I told friends at a birthday gathering: Lorraine really understands what Google and Facebook corporations cultivate in their workplace:  bringing fun and helping your team grow into a loving, supportive group that works together instead of against each other in the office.

Lorraine Aguilar’s method has evolved over 15 years of working with Fortune 500 companies, The United Nations, the British Government, international nonprofit organizations and non-government organizations. She is passionate about empowering leaders with the skills to masterfully collaborate in an interdependent world. She has facilitated presidential and ambassador-level intergovernmental collaborations on strategies ranging from the prevention of sexual trafficking to building peace in the wake of civil war.

Lorraine Aguilar: “There are five very good reasons to have an off-site retreat and get out of the office to:  1. Engage and connect with each other and agree with what we need to accomplish, 2. Launch a new program or initiative, 3. Catalyze new leadership, 4. Ease and expedite organizational change and 5. Strategically respond to employee survey results.”

Our retreats distinguish themselves by bringing meaning and relevance; we connect you with what matters most to your organization.  We help you rise above the day-to-day urgencies and engage in big-picture strategic thinking. We believe in connection and engagement; we help you overcome differences to connect with your mission and each other in ways that naturally motivate and build teamwork, goodwill and mutual support. We want to achieve results.  Tired of “feel good” retreats where the results don’t last and it’s back to business as usual?  If you want to come together to achieve great things, tangible, lasting results and noticeable changes in behavior, call us.  We know you have right and left brain; we balance a clear, structured approach with room for creativity and new ideas to emerge.

Sam: “Seriously, it works! I already see the positive change in our office. We are communicating and collaborating better than ever in our 18 year history. We have recognized our individual strengths and enhanced honest communication amongst the team members. I can honestly say that we are in a better mood at work, and that translates into more creative ideas and energy and ultimately benefits our clients.”

We are happy to bring Lorraine Aguilar to your next corporate retreat.
Let’s all have more fun at work!