iL CiRCo presents "Viaggio" in Guatemala!

iL CiRCo presents “Viaggio” in Guatemala!

Viaggio, presented by iL CiRCo, a performance where a little girl embarks on a venture at one of the most dazzling carnivals in the world with flashy outfits and comical behavior. There, she will discover another world of magic with the circus and its characters.

iL CiRCo Viaggio is a show from the United States and started in 1996 in San Diego, California. Since then it has traveled the world, leaving the astonished eyes that have seen how it defies gravity and how dreams come to life. It is estimated that Viaggio has been seen by 8 million people in fourteen countries on five continents.

Viaggio is a blend of classic theater “Comedy dell’Art” and the popular French-Canadian circus tradition, who has acrobatics, dance and comedy acts of strength and agility that give the public the impression that everything seen there goes beyond the laws of logic and physics.